one thing that’s always been important in the flight sim scene is performance, smoothness is key to a great flight experience, so lets see how the new Prepar3D v4 compares against v3 in terms of performance

System Used:

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB

CPU: i5 6600k @4.4GHZ


Settings Used…

Prepar3D v3

Prepar3D v4

we’ve tried to match the settings as much as possible, but v4 has had a few changes to the scenery settings so we couldn’t match everything.

in the test, we are using the default P3D aircraft with aerosoft Heathrow and ORBX global only. no openLC or vector as of now

Prepar3D v3 vs v4 FPS

on holding point…

P3D v3 / 42fps

P3D v4 / 57fps

Looking onto the terminal…

P3D v3 / 45fps

P3D v4 / 44fps


P3D v3 / 43fps

P3D v4 / 47fps

as you can see in the results, the fps is higher or the same, but this cannot be 100% accurate because as you can see, aerosoft Heathrow is not totally compatible yet,  and has some missing textures on the runway

FPS charts

we then performed a circuit of Heathrow, passing through scenery and autogen

as you can see, P3D v4 keeps on top of P3D v3 most of the time – so Lockheed have made some performance improvements in the sim, and our results match other developers claims with seeing a 10-15 fps increase. but as said before, these results aren’t 100% reliable as not all scenery is compatible in the 64-bit environment yet, that’s why we only used ORBX global and Heathrow in this test to avoid any more further conflicts


  1. They’re building off old tech is why. XP 11 is brand new and constantly being optimised and has much better graphics and flying experience out of the box


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