SPAI Review + first impressions + performance impact

recently, you may have heard the name SPAI being thrown around, a new AI traffic package which has grown to be quite popular with the release of P3D v4 as it is one of very few AI packages compatible with v4


however, there has been confusion on where to purchase the product. in order to do this, you have to donate to the developer through his PayPal, any amount is accepted and will grant you access to download the product within 12 hours (it took 4 for us) the developer will email you a download link to the installer


the installer is pretty straightforward, but we did have some issues with selecting the location of our P3D installation, upon selection – the installer attempted to make a new P3D v4 folder within our prepar3D folder, so we had to manually change the installation path, a small issue but still quite annoying


the models are very good quality, and cover most aircraft in service today, as well as almost all well-known airlines, with the liveries also being very accurate. the traffic density at airports also seems to be accurate, you will see a realistic amount of aircraft at every airport, and the correct airlines, at the correct stands. one thing, however, is that a lot of aircraft instantly push back and start taxing at the same time, this can cause some issues with traffic overflow, but you can always reduce the density slider

aircraft will dynamically switch between light configurations when they are pushing back, the nav and beacon lights are switched on, when they are lining up on the runway, the landing lights are switched on. the aircrafts are also compatible with P3D v4’s dynamic lighting and look amazing at night as you can see in the screenshots below


the developer recommends that you use 50% on both the commercial and GA traffic slider. In our tests, at small to medium airports, we saw a 2 to 3 fps drop with around 5 10 active aircraft in the area, at large airports such as fly Tampa Schiphol as shown below, we saw 40 fps drop to 35, this is with around 40 active aircaft, this drop isn’t that large for the amount of aircraft, but could make all the difference between a stuttering sim and a smooth sim. we recommend using a traffic limiter; we may release an update post with using a limiter

but overall, the addon stands quite well in the performance section, but for large airports with lots of traffic we recommend reducing the slider or as mentioned before, use a traffic limiter


the sounds for all the aircraft are outstanding, instead of the horrible hair dryer sound many AI packages use, SPAI uses custom sounds for the aircraft, its amazing to hear aircraft in the background hitting TOGA – it actually feels like a real airport when your stationed on the ground. instead of the horrible fsx style engine sound.


in our tests we found no issues with using the product in v4, we are yet to try it out in vatsim, but we have heard that it does work fully with a custom rule set for vpilot for example

Performance - 8
Realsim - 9
Sounds - 10
Compatibility - 10
Purchasing + Installing - 7



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Where does SPAI source its models and textures from? Is it all properly licensed?


Yep. I believe they have a list of the contributes in the package.


no they don’t

Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett

Unable to get through to “purchase”. Any word as to why is not accepting payment? Doesn’y appear to be a PayPal issue.

Mike B

Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett

Can’t pay or download. Continually blocked. Any other way of downloading other than by links in article and videos?

Brian S
Brian S

This is pirated models, repaints and flightplans packaged from other freeware developers, without permission, and this guy takes advantage of our hard work (and was making money off donations). This article should be removed. We chased him off Facebook after he admitted he was using our work and making money from it.


Why is this article still available to read?

This is promoting piracy and you even admitted that here:

Take down the article!!

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