[UPDATED] SPAI v7.1 Traffic Download Link – How To Download SPAI


[UPDATE] it has become clear in the community that the developer of SPAI has been using stolen models and other resources from developers in the community without permission, his PayPal was unable to accept donations because it had been shut down for this very reason, he was also chased off of facebook and youtube. Again to clarify, Flight Sim Nexus has no involvement in the development of SPAI, we were simply posting the download link from the developer as it was requested many times in the community when his PayPal was shut down and people were left in the dark without a way of downloading the traffic package – as at the time it was not 100% clear that the stolen resources accusations were true. SPAI was used by many users without the knowledge that the models were stolen, hopefully when someone decides to make a traffic package in the future, they will seek the proper permissions first

It seems that the original PayPal link used by the developer of SPAI is no longer working when payments are being sent. So many users have been left unable to download SPAI

you can download SPAI from the link below directly from the developer, the latest version which is 7.1. Just as a disclaimer, we do not have any involvement in the development of SPAI, we are simply posting the download link for SPAI for the community. We encourage that you donate to the developer when his PayPal problems are resolved



  1. That’s because he is a pirate. I cannot believe you guys are posting this. SPAI steals the work from the flightplanners at Alpha India Group, and the painters and modelers that make the aircraft and repaints for that group (Flying Carpet, JCAI, JB’, FAIB), all without permission. He has been shut down on Facebook, YouTube and other places, but people still are promoting this theft and the thousands of hours we put into it. Please remove this link.

    • the problem is with the fact he was taking their work without their permission and marking it as his own, taking credit for their work and asking for money for their work

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